Due to the fact that some laws in Turkey are different from the laws in Iran, some issues seem complicated and different upon arrival in Turkey, so in this post we will examine how to name energy bills in Turkey. : ⠀

After buying and renting a property in Turkey, all energy bills (including electricity, gas, water) must be in the name of the buyer or person renting the property (it is necessary to have a Turkish residence card to name the bills, but to name the electricity bill). It is enough to have a passport) ⠀

In Turkey, the cost of gas is much higher than electricity, and in cases where the heating system and electric stove are electric, the cost of energy consumption will be lower.

In some projects, the amount paid for energy consumption is determined by the project management, in these cases the method of calculating energy is different in different projects.

General steps for naming energy bills:

Take the meter number (nomarasi facility) along with the property insurance (DASK) and the document or in case of renting the property (lease) to the nearest gas, electricity and water department of your neighborhood and the meter will be registered in your name after a few hours. A confirmation message will be sent to you ⠀

If you do not have Kimlik, you can get help from a person living in Turkey to become your sponsor, or you can ask the landlord to keep the bills in his name and you will pay the bills on a monthly basis.
⠀ In some sites, hot and cold water and gas are central and you do not need bills for these energies. In some sites you will be given a water and electricity card which you will charge on a monthly basis.

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