Tips on how to sell property bought by foreigners in Turkey:
1. Any foreigner inside Turkey  can sell his purchased house at any price he wants and the price is only for the buyer and seller.
2. Foreigners can sell the house for sale to anyone, whether foreign or Turkish, at any price with the agreement of the buyer.
3. The price entered in the document at the time of sale can not be lower than the price of the property in the area as announced by the government expert. And when you sell, you have to pay the sales tax according to the price in the document
4. At the time of sale, the seller must pay tax on the profit from the sale of the unit to the government, depending on the sale price in the document.
5. Restriction on the sale and purchase of property is only in the case of the purchase of aerial property to obtain citizenship (citizenship means receiving a Turkish passport) that the buyer is not allowed to sell this type for three years after purchase and after that there is no restriction on the sale of this property and only That house can no longer be used to obtain citizenship.

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