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  • Sale Apartement

    In December 2019, with the introduction of Onyx Home Company, we bought a unit in the Oba area of Alanya city in advance, and after 17 months, we handed over the apartment in full and without any time delay. With the help of Onyx Home Company, we easily completed all the accommodation steps such as receiving the document, opening a bank account and receiving the accommodation, and we thank them for all the efforts of Onyx Home Group.


  • Carine De Gusseme & Franky Vekens

    We have been looking for apartments in Alanya for a long time in Awalar area, we got acquainted with the company through the internet and during our vacation in June we visited a number of beautiful apartments with this company. We found our cozy home in the Olive Garden project and we are very happy with the decision we made. We saw a great service from the company group, before the purchase, all the administrative work, after the purchase and ... everything went smoothly. Greetings from Karin and Frankie from Belgium.